about Oneness

Oneness Evolving

Oneness is a gifted mentor and coach who strips mystery and complexity away from self-healing tools and techniques, using only that which is simple, approachable and do-able. There is special ability to guide and support applied learning and experience, and to recognise exploration and failure as essential to the pathway to success.

With that said, Oneness won't ask you to dig into your past to find the reasons why your dreams haven't manifested yet. Rather Oneness will help you to recognise and overcome your limiting thoughts and feelings, so you can create and step into the future you desire.

Oneness teaches effective tools which work for anyone who is willing to do the consistent work it takes to create the change you desire in your life. Sometimes very quickly! More often the change happens gradually over a period of time.

Oneness has an uncanny ability to ask you THE question which, when answered, helps you to see the forest instead of the trees. The end result is that you get better at connecting with your own inner wisdom, guidance and truth, which allows you to navigate life with greater clarity and ease.

Manifestation mentoring and coaching with Oneness is practical, empowering, fun and profound. It is always powerfully transformative.

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