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"I can't afford to pay the people I want to work with. So how am I ever supposed to sort my shit out when the very services I need are out of my price range?"

Sound familiar? I felt like this for many years and I still feel passionate about accessibility.

For four years I offered daily Coaching Lives on Facebook as an answer to this frustration, and the last 370 of them are available on YouTube (for real, here's the first one so you know I'm not kidding). If you want information to change your life, here it is.

These Coaching Lives aren't just me talking about random stuff, I'm explaining solid science which can literally enable you to profoundly change your life. It's certainly enabled me to profoundly change mine, and the journey just keeps on getting better.

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Moving into a new future

"I have been doing the meditation just like Dr Joe and you have been talking about. And I feel better. No more anger or looking at the pain in my past. And it's only been a couple weeks. I can't wait to continue to grow in this meditation and see myself grow as well." - Carrie Anne via Facebook

The first time something has clicked and really worked

"I am so grateful the universe guided me to see Oneness's live facebook sessions. Her messages are always enlightening and exactly what I need to hear on any given day. She provides me with that bit of clarity to say to myself that I can heal, no matter what my "mental muck" is trying to tell me. Today I was off track, but after tuning in I felt reenergized! I got up, went for a brisk walk and pulled out a Dr. Joe book she suggested, which I started a few days ago, and got back on track. Oneness's work makes a wonderful impact. I'm listening and learning so much. Thank you, Oneness!!!

UPDATE! Thank you so much, Oneness! Listening to you, doing Dr. Joe's meditations daily, and reading his books, and I am experiencing wonderful results in living with more joy and far less anxiety and fear!  I started Joe's Hay House healing meditation after I found you in June. I think I started the BEC 1 in August maybe, then BEC 2 after you suggested it a few weeks ago. And I've read Becoming Supernatural and You Are The Placebo. Now I'm reading Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. It hasn't taken long for me to see positive results. I give thanks every day (several times a day) that I came across your Lives when I did, and learned of Joe's work from you. This is the first time something has clicked and really worked. And I think a huge part of that is being able to connect with you and your daily message. I listen more than once each day to soak in all the great stuff. I love it... and you! Thank you so much!" - Aimee via Facebook

Magic happens

"My wife and I were both friends of Oneness and avid listeners before we met each other. We are living proof  that her teachings work splendidly." - Eric via Facebook

You're not alone

"Oneness is such a wonderful and kind soul and a Woman of a different generation than me who I connect with and share lots of thoughts and ideas with. She is not like a grandmother or mother to me but more like a loving favorite aunt... She represents an energy that I greatly lacked and didn't even realize I desired in my life until I thought of seeking a mentor... And then Oneness popped up in my feed as a Recommended for you video, connected only by the lightworker groups that I hadn't participated in for a while. It is such a joy to listen to and watch her and her garden and lovely property. I relate to the struggles she describes and she has been so helpful to me in overcoming the pain and addiction to suffering I struggle with in my soul. I just wanted her to know what a blessing she is and how much I enjoy connecting with her. Big Love" - Sara Marie via Facebook

Radical change in mindset, radical change in circumstances

Six months ago I was in a depressive slump over my housing crisis. I desperately wanted to change, and wasn't certain how it would happen. Then I found you Oneness and began an internal process, which has resulted in a radical change in my mindset. This has caused the manifestation of great change in my life, which has culminated in a radical shift of living circumstances.

I know where I'm going to be living now - I am going with my autistic grandson to his father's house to continue to be his live-in caregiver. I feel that this is the best for us both. It is my new yes, that will lead to an even bigger YES! ❤️

    ~ Linda Gaylord, Connecticut

Making changes, finding alignment, changing energy

Oneness has only been working with me for a comparatively short while, but with her help and guidance l have been able to start and make changes within myself, that have helped me say yes to the things/people that line up with me, no to those things/people that don't line up with me, and change the energy that l have within me to achieve these things.

She understands exactly what is going on with me and guides me to do the right thing for myself. Oneness is the right teacher/mentor for me at the right time, and has helped me so much to align, I'm so glad that we came into contact, the best thing to have happened to me. It was meant to happen and it has.

    ~ Julian Churchill, United Kingdom